How do you Secure that Everyone in your Building is Compliant?

MyLobby Visitor Management Software gives visitors a seamless experience while ensuring compliance with every entry. 


In this post-pandemic world, security and compliance in your facility have become a lot more critical, and non-compliant entries can cause your organization thousands of dollars. The biggest challenge with adhering to all compliance is a lot of paperwork and lengthy workflow processes. MyLobby Visitor Management has a solution that enables visitors, contractors, and employees to do self-service check-in to prescreen every individual entering your building. This process is much like doing your preflight check-in. In addition, we now have a contactless sign-in method for your business. The best part, we set it up all for you to be a true turnkey solution. 

MyLobby Visitor Screening Software helps automate process for your organization.

Visitor Management System
We created a sleek and easy-to-use Visitor Management Software for your organization. The best part, we set it up for you.