Visitor Management Application Ensures that Everyone in your Building is Compliant

MyLobby Visitor Management Application Makes the Process Frictionless

Visitor Management Application plays a vital role in our everyday lives. In this post-pandemic world, security and compliance in your facility have become a lot more critical and non-compliant entries can cause your organization thousands of dollars. Furthermore, the biggest challenge with adhering to all compliance is a lot of paperwork and lengthy workflow processes. MyLobby Visitor Management Application has a solution that enables visitors, contractors and employees to do self-service check-in that can prescreen every individual that is entering your building. This process is similar to doing a preflight check-in. In addition, we now have a contactless sign-in process for your business.

Furthermore, our Visitor Management Application allows visitors, patients, and employees enter your facility. Track their entry to ensure that all are following security and health protocols. In addition, we will provide the latest equipment and software to enable you to achieve this goal quickly.

In conclusion, we know how important it is to manage the health and safety of your facility for visitors and team members, especially after the pandemic. MyLobby has the tools to make that happen.

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MyLobby Visitor Management System helps automate process for your organization.

Visitor Management System
We created a sleek and simple Visitor Management System for your organization. It is easy to use and intuitive.

What our customers have to say

MyLobby is self sufficient for all visitors and employees signing in. Our receptionist's time is freed up for other tasks.
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Terry Case
Facility Manager, GE
It's been very useful. MyLobby helps us minimize cost.
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Danielle Barry
Sr Manager of HR, Nikon