MyLobby an employee and visitor management app that keeps your organization maintain compliance

MyLobby an employee and visitor management app that
keeps your organization maintain compliance

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Health Screening App Automatically Screens Employees & Visitor

MyLobby takes the hassle out of managing visitor and employee screenings. The app creates an efficient, automated process for you with no room for error!

Covid-19 Employee Health Screening App

MyLobby Health Screening allows you to customize your responses to employees and visitors. The app also sends an instant message notification to your Compliance Team and Department Managers.

covid compliance app
Easy Upload of Negative COVID Test

Upload documents, vaccination status, or other resources, and make them available to your team. Find all of your COVID-19 related policies and procedures to get started with your health and safety in the workplace.

Contactless Screening Solution

Get started with your back to work operations by screening patients, visitors, and employees to your workplace quickly and easily in real-time without physical interaction. Available via mobile and web.

Digital Pass

Provides proof that your visitors and employees are compliant with COVID Screening Protocols.

MyLobby COVID-19 Health Screening Features

Plans & Pricing

49 employees or less
  • Track and identify visitors in real-time
  • Hyperlink visitors and host
  • Real-time Email and SMS notification
  • Employee sign-in
  • Unlimited visitors
  • Temperature Check Integration
  • Custom Logo
50 to 64 employees
$1.41 to $1.50 per Employee/Member
  • Everything in Basic Plan
  • Mobile Employee Express Sign-in
  • Contactless Sign-in
  • Returning visitor
  • Custom Questionnaire
  • Visitor picture
  • Badge printing
65 employees and above
$1.95 to $1.75 per Employee/Member
  • Everything in Standard Plan
  • Customized mass emergency notification
  • Event Registration
  • Sign out reminders
  • If-then Questionnaires
  • Contact Tracing
  • Temperature Scanner Integration
  • Prescreening for Express entry
  • Express Sign-in for Returning Visitors
  • Legal Compliance Documentation
  • Active Directory
  • Multi-location
  • NFC Integration
Please contact us for pricing
  • Everything in Professional Plan
  • We are able to customize a plan and develop additional features to suit your requirements.

How much does MyLobby Cost?

The cost averages from 3¢ to 7¢ per employee per day will allow employees to interact with the on-site screening tablet or they can use their own mobile device. More importantly, your compliance team will be able to log in to a web portal to capture all of the compliance details of each entry.