Temperature Screening for COVID-19: Better to Scan for Fever, or Feverish?

How hot is too hot? When states can’t agree on exactly what constitutes a fever, that affects employee temperature screening. The real question is, how much risk is your business willing to take? From old-fashioned thermometer scanners to MyLobby‘s Touchless Temperature Kiosk, we delve … Read More

Temperature Scans and the Honor System— Are Employees Being Honest?

In the COVID-era, accountability and safety are everything. When it comes to temperature scans, some doubt the efficacy. Others don’t enforce employee temperature scans at all. What does this mean when the stakes are so high? John Liberatore, President of MyMedia, dives … Read More

Temperature Scanning Solution from MyMedia— What Do Business Owners Think?

MyMedia’s Solution: Touchless Temperature Scanning Kiosk Not sure how to reopen your business in the midst of COVID-19? So was Fernanda Cancado, owner of Touchdown Coworking Space— until she discovered MyMedia’s new temperature scanner + temperature scanning technology. Fernanda’s Problem Through … Read More

Is Temperature Screening Enough to Prevent the Spread of Coronavirus?

As lockdown restrictions are lifted and people return to work, facility managers are rightly concerned about how best to protect their staff and customers. Many have begun implementing temperature screening, using a handheld infrared thermometer to check people entering the … Read More


We know what you’re thinking. The world is saying “back to work!” as businesses take measures against COVID-19. But are employee temperature checks & old school questionnaires enough? Will a sign on your lobby door do the trick? Are you aware of … Read More

Touchless Temperature Screening Kiosk

Handheld temperature checks are not sustainable for most organizations MyLobby has an APP-FOR-THAT As organizations respond to the challenge of protecting against the spread of COVID-19, temperature checks upon entry are quickly becoming the norm and already being mandated in some … Read More

How do you make your workplace safer after COVID-19 stay home order with a Temperature Kiosk?

As facility managers, environmental health and safety (EHS) professionals along her human resource counterparts are starting making plans to return to work, many organizations are developing policies and procedures to screen employees and visitors with a thermometer measuring device. In … Read More

Why are we offering a free Visitor Sign-in Software?

You’re probably wondering, why are we offering free Visitor Sign-in Software? You’re probably thinking, what’s the catch? In short, there is no catch. since our inception back in 2005 when MyMedia was established our goal is to help organizations communicate with digital … Read More

Why You Need Visitor Management Software in Your Company

The main purpose of why companies invest in visitor management software is to effectively document and closely track guests and their activities. A visitor management system streamlines the whole process, enabling companies to graduate from traditional logbook-based visitor management to … Read More

Screen for Coronavirus with a Visitor Management System

How do you screen for the Coronavirus with a visitor management system like MyLobby? There’s nothing new about screening visitors; we do this when getting onto a flight going from one destination to another. Or, a restricted access pre-screen questionnaire … Read More