COVID-19 Screening Going Digital for Greater Efficiencies

What are the requirements for a COVID-19 health screening process? Since the beginning of the pandemic, employers were required to initiate the CDC health screening process in the workplace. Click the image for an example of the CDC screen questionnaire. … Read More

CDC Guidelines screening

COVID 19 Screening App by MyLobby Ensures Compliance; Guidance for Employers Across All States, Including Employee Temperature/Health Screenings and Mask Mandates

The below information is based on present-day guidance regarding COVID-19. For this reason, regulations may become outdated, so please ensure to revisit this link continuously. Learn how MyLobby’s COVID 19 screening app can help with employee screening and mask mandates. … Read More

If-then statements during employee screening

COVID 19 Screening App Uses If-then Statements; A Guide to More Accurate Employee Screening

When an individual is completing a questionnaire via a COVID 19 screening app, not every question is black and white. For this reason, including if-then statements are useful. This integration will help to remain organized in the post-pandemic future of … Read More

Social distancing return to work

Employee Health Screening, Collaboration, and the Hybrid Work Model; Here’s What You Should Keep in Mind When Reopening Your Office

As employers plan to open their doors again, the futuristic era of work poses new challenges. Now, there are employees that wish to permanently work from home, versus those who are excited to return to the office again. Ultimately, many … Read More

Encrypted code for employee health screening

North American Consumer Electronics Giant Sees Results with Fast and Efficient Employee Health Screening to Protect Employees and Ensure Compliance

OVERVIEW A leader and global manufacturer of imaging and optical products employ many workers in their New York head office. Throughout COVID-19, the company was experiencing inefficiencies in its COVID-19 employee health screening process with safety being the largest concern. … Read More

Scanning employee access card for health screening

How One of the Largest Financial Corporations in Canada Utilized MyLobby’s Visitor Management System to Streamline COVID-19 Screening Within Seconds and Minimize Costs

OVERVIEW COVID-19 could be here to stay. The new strains are developing too vastly for countries to reach herd immunity. We now understand that COVID-19 is a persistent threat, but can be managed in the workplace.  At MyLobby, our visitor … Read More

Real-time compliance notification

A Health Screening App Will Ensure You’re Compliant With the CDC; Here’s Why You Should Implement One at Your Workplace Immediately

With more offices reopening, there are best practices that can help keep employees and essential visitors safe. Employers should invest in a health screening app that can conduct daily COVID-19 assessments at the click of a button. Although COVID-19 cases … Read More

Unique QR/NFC code sign-in for employee health screening

The “New Normal” for Employees; Going to Work Will Feel Like Going Through Airport Security Screening in This Post-pandemic World

With MyLobby’s seasoned background within visitor management systems, the automation of compliance in the new era of work has never been easier – the COVID-19 app allows for fast and frictionless employee health screening while minimizing the chance of transmission. … Read More

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How a COVID-19 Health Screening App Can Provide Faster Active Screenings for Employees and Visitors

Coping with COVID-19 Many are anticipating life to return to pre-pandemic normal, although that time may never come. Until equal distribution of vaccines and vaccine hesitancy is solved, COVID-19 will continue to be a significant threat. The virus may continue … Read More

Want Your Business to Reopen and Stay Open? Here’s What It Takes to Go Back to Work in a Post-Pandemic World

How to Reopen Safely with Employee Health Screenings Businesses need to integrate new capabilities that will help with returning to the workplace and instill confidence. A health screening system is a crucial indicator to employees that their health and safety … Read More