How do you make your workplace safer after COVID-19 stay home order with a Temperature Kiosk?


As facility managers, environmental health and safety (EHS) professionals along her human resource counterparts are starting making plans to return to work, many organizations are developing policies and procedures to screen employees and visitors with a thermometer measuring device.

In this article, we will demonstrate a more automated solution with a Temperature Kiosk. You probably have seen on the news how public places have been screening individuals with a thermometer measuring device pointing at the forehead. All of this effort is done to keep an environment from spreading the COVID-19 virus.

For the most part, individuals have been cooperating when it comes to having their temperature examined. The challenge of this process is an arduous task that requires plenty of human resources. MyLobby’s touchless Temperature Kiosk automates the whole process.

Screening Temperature kiosks withstand white counter visitors is not a new concept, from metal detectors in public places to have our bags checked by security to declaration forms upon arriving from a different country.

Body temperature is one way we can curb the spread of coronavirus. Also, potentially improving the overall health and safety standards for your workplace. By minimizing the access to other individuals that may be suffering from other non-life-threatening illnesses; like the common cold or others exhibiting flu-like symptoms entering the facility.

Previous to this pandemic, we were not as sensitive about a colleague or a family member who had a nagging cough, or the sniffles, often dismissed, is nothing to be too concerned about.

Today, the response is going to evoke a great deal of uneasiness. So, the question becomes, how do you ensure the well-being of the individuals in your community or workplace. One way we can get some assurances, temperature screen of each individual that comes to your office.

Now you could certainly do this with front desk personnel holding the thermometer measuring device pointing at their forehead, or you could automate the process with our Temperature Kiosk at a fraction of the manual cost.

How does the Temperature Kiosk work?

Thermometer Measuring DeviceMuch like our visitor management system, the tablet can be located almost anywhere in your workplace. As each visitor approaches the kiosk, it will automatically detect individuals standing in front of the kiosk. It initiates the thermometer measuring device to capture the temperature of the individual automatically. It flashes a green banner showing the actual body temperature if it’s acceptable.

For individuals with high body temperature, it will flash a red flag. Also, it has an audible voice giving instructions and calls out the body temperature.

Two offerings:   Standalone or Central Server Database 


The standalone unit can be configured either in Stranger Mode (does not keep any data) takes the temperature of the individual in front of the device. The second mode can capture the individual’s name, body temperature and can also work with the optional facial recognition feature.

All the data is stored locally (capacity for approximately 10,000 names). That data can be downloaded onto a USB flash drive if you need to archive that for future records.

Central Server Database

MyLobby visitor management system has been offering the value of capturing the data of each visitor that enters the facility.

The data populates on the MyLobby platform, which contains the following information: name, picture, answers to screening questions, time in/out, whom they are visiting or department and sends email and SMS notification to the host they are visiting.

With new developments in temperature feature, it will provide us with the opportunity to capture the temperature of that individual upon entering the building.

What about our privacy on a Temperature kiosk?

Temperature kiosk dashboardMyLobby platform is GDPR compliant will have the right to have the data delete it from the database. Each organization that uses a temperature kiosk will have a slightly different variation of their process and how they comply with GDPR. These organizations generally stipulate their privacy policies on their website or right on their front lobby.

Besides, we can also accommodate to have a privacy policy mentioned right on the kiosk itself. Furthermore, the overall objective is to maintain a healthy and safe location. Some might be concerned about an invasion of privacy, although it begs the question when we prepare to board a flight, and the TSA examines our carry-on, which also may appear as an invasion of privacy. This point cannot be argued, although we have to accept this reality if we want to have the privilege to fly on airlines or crossing the border when traveling to different countries in efforts for our health and safety.

Why do I need a Temperature Kiosk vs a Thermometer Measuring Device App?

As stated earlier in this article, minimizing the spread of the coronavirus and other sicknesses is the key to providing some peace of mind that efforts are being implemented in reducing the risk of exposure from individuals that are not feeling well.

In the absence of actual nasal swab testing kits, the Temperature Kiosk App is the most appropriate solution for a workplace environment. Conversely, you can have someone standing with a thermometer measuring device pointing at each individual’s forehead and taking everyone’s temperature, although that’s expensive and prone to human error. The Temperature Kiosk is now going to be a necessity, also relatively easy to justify the cost as a manual alternative is not as practical and is strenuous on human resources.

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